Factors including storage capacity, cache memory, OS version may cause this problem. Please take the following steps to solve the situation:

1. Tap Settings, and choose Apps & notifications. Tap Permissions of Behind the Screen. If permissions are turned off, please turn them on.
2. Tap Settings, and choose Apps & notifications. Then, tap Application Program Information. Delete the unwanted application program to release memory capacities.
3. Tap Settings, and choose Storage. Delete all the Apps' cache memory. It should be noted that sometimes this action may cause some Apps' temporary data to disappear or log-out.
4. Update your Android version to the latest version, and reset the phone.
5. Delete the game, then download the game again via Google Play.

If you still have any difficulty conducting Behind the Screen after completing the above flow, please contact us via Facebook or e-mail, and provide us your device's model.
After investigating the problems that you have encountered, we will assist you to refund or change the platform.  

The Background Stories of Behind the Screen have different settings in different platform versions. Here are some information for further reference.
PC version (Steam):After purchasing the game, the Background Stories will be unlocked. No extra payment is required.
Mobile version (App Store / Google Play):Extra payment to unlock the Background Stories.
Nintendo Switch eShop:This version doesn't provide the Background Stories.

The merchandise selling service is only available in Taiwan now.  
You can access to other site to purchase our books and soundtrack. Here are some information for further reference.

Behind the Screen Novel:Available on online shops or bookstores, e.g. Books, KingStone, Eslite, TAAZE.
Behind the Screen Artbook:Available on online shops or bookstores, e.g. Books, KingStone, Eslite, TAAZE.
Behind the Screen Soundtrack:Available on steam (Downloadable Original Soundtrack after purchasing), and Amazon Japan (CD Album available).

We are working on it! The next game is still confidential. It will be revealed at the proper time.
Official news will be published on 18Llight Game's official site, Facebook fanpage and Twitter. If you want to catch up on the latest information, don't forget to follow us !

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