Behind screen,
everyone is a judge!

Behind the Screen is a narrative mystery solving game based on true stories. Staging in 1970s to 1980s, the story depicts early Taiwanese society when public opion is solely based on three major TV channels. Our protagonist is the alleged murderer who commited matricide. Players must seek the truth beneath every spoken words through the important moment such as kindergarden childhood, junior high scool and adulthood of our protagonist. Find the truth between a world where memory and reality collide through puzzles and sneaking techniques in roughly two to three playing hours.


Various playing styles

Behind the screen features various playing styles. Players will encounter small games such as Sōkoban, fighting, stealth, and Parkour in different life stages of our protagonist, which are all related to the main storyline. And through these encounters, will players be able to discover the truth behind every event.

Vintage hand-drawing art style

To truely represent our story, Behind the screen adopts the vintage hand-drawing art style from Taiwanese local color posters, advertisements in the 1970s and 80s. This kind of picture book art style creates unique allurement much like artists depicting images through careful strokes and full colors in that era where printing and image processing technology had yet to prosper.



Based on true stories

Behind the screen is based on many true stories which happened between the 1960s to 1980s Taiwan. Players can take a glimpse of Taiwanese society in the past through old-fashion TV news, experiencing the oppression in schools, and true-life stories told by our protagonist and other characters.

Social issues

Games can reflect our society. Players often have different thoughts and feelings on the same thing happens to them. Behind the screen discusses not only the pressure of public opinion but also actual social issues such as school bullying, discrimination, and domestic violence. Many metaphors and hidden clues are waiting for players to discover.


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